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Better Late than Never

January 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

  My eighth grade language teacher always used to tell me "Better Late than Never" when I finally arrived to my zero period class every morning so in fine form and staying true to myself I wish you a belated Happy New Year! (not that I am late all the time). So far the start for me personally has not been that bad. The world has experienced some unfortunate events that deserve to be mentioned, noteably the "Charlie Hebdo" attacks because those are close to home for me. I just hope that we as a whole can recover and move forward.  Back to a brighter note my wife and I ushered in the new year in the Rhone-Alpes with a Raclette dinner, one of my favorite french cuisines at a nice little restaurant in Annecy, if you are ever there look up a restaurant called "Le Freti" Restaurant le Fréti à Annecy it is absolutely delicious and reasonably priced but I warn you, don't wear your tight jeans. 



                                                                            The Rhone-Alpes, Manigod


After returning from the winter break it was back to work as usual. I have like fifty million things all going on at the same time, ok it's a little exagerated but still there is work to be done. As I looked at the calender for both ongoing and future projects I again thought to myself 2015 is off to a pretty good start and I hope that the momentum continues this way.


The first project that I wrapped up was for one of the three current product photo shoots. This particular one was for a biscuiterie in Corsica, France in the Ile de Rousse.L'Île-Rousse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe client to whom I visited in December wanted a bunch of images to create a catalog of about 25 of his products to be exact. Imagine, there I am on the plane with 25 packages of biscuits returning home. It was a fun little project to do. The lighting set up was a bit challenging due to the clear plastic packaging with a distinctive white laced print on the head of the packaging. In order to get all the aspects of detail between both the packaging and the product inside took a minute. I will add  photos of my lighting set up soon! Overall the client was happy with the results and that's what matters. 


After finishing up the "biscuit project" I started in on another project for a company called Solidur. Solidur : Fabricant de chaussures de sécurité - Sommaire They're a clothing and apparel company based in Bretagne, France specializing in security equipment for loggers and other dirty jobs. This particular project is equipment for "les Bucherons", tree workers and foresters.


I started of by photographing some pairs of shoes and boots they sent me. Again I had a good time setting the lights and getting the poses just right. There are about twenty overall pieces to shoot including pants, jackets, gloves and other fun stuff. The rest will be completed at the end of the month when I have someone to model the outfits me.


Next on the list and now completed was the Festival BellyFusions 2015 in Paris BellyFusions Festival: Home on the 16th through the 18th. This was super fun. I love to shoot live shows especially dance.


It's a great organization revolving all around fusion dance. The show I photographed was in a little theater in the 20th arrondisment in Paris called Théâtre de Ménilmontant. It was a big challenge to do also. Very low light and a small stage which meant one thing switching between my 50mm 1.8 or the 24-105 f4 lens with the aperture wide open and the ISO cranked from 1600 to 2000!! Shutter speed had to stay around 1/125th or everything would be a blurry mess! I wish I could show you some images right now but I am under contract and currently not allowed to post anything until all selections are finalized. I will put up a gallery just as soon as that is completed!


And last for the month but not least we are off to Cologne, Germany this weekend to shoot another tribal induced dance show organized by our wonderful friend Apsara along with hagalla / das Tribal-Fusion-Belly-Dance Webmagazin and also the ladies from "The Urban Belly Dance Collective" in Paris International Urban Bellydance Collective | Dance Danse ...


Well there it is. January in a nutshell.


I wish you all the best for 2015. May we all realize our goals for the year.




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