My Canon 6D

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  About a month ago I finally invested into a full frame camera. After many weeks of watching product reviews and reading equipment forums I decided to go with the now two year old (since it's date of release) but still top in the market of entry level full frame cameras the  Canon 6D. I have been shooting with the Canon 60D for the last three and a half years along the way buying items like lenses and lighting equipment rather than jumping in head first not knowing how to fully use a higher level camera. For me I think it was the smart choice, the Canon 6D is very similar to the 60D in functionality but man does it have more firing power.


My first real field test was a couple weeks ago when I did an expo in Paris. The expo was the "Salon de Mariage", the biggest wedding event in Paris for vendors every year. Being the Canon 6D has built in Wi-fi capabilities I decide to put it to the test. For the expo I brought my laptop along with a 27" monitor. I set up the Canon EOS system and synced it with lightroom. Man was it cool. You should have seen the look on the peoples faces when they could see themselves within 30 seconds or less and then me doing a quick post production right in front of them. No one else in the expo was doing this. Plenty of other photography businesses there with no photographer on site, just books and prints hanging on the walls. We were all live! I was really happy with the performance of the 6D. The only downfall when using the built in Wi-fi is the battery life. I highly recommend bringing lots of extra batteries when shooting in Wi-fi mode. I think the battery life duration was about 3 hours max, not bad I guess but definitely something you want to be prepared for. Also I learned that the Canon 6D does not like aftermarket batteries. I tried to use one of my Wasabie power LP-E6 knock off batteries and the 6D asked me "are you sure you want to use this battery"? I opted for no, did not want to take the risk. I recommend using only the Canon version LP-E6 batteries.


Another great thing that I found about the Canon 6D is the spec that the manufactures boasted about, it's low light capabilities. Last week I shot a theater show in Paris. As we all know theaters are quite dark and plus I was sitting alllllll the way in the back row and I am talking far back row, a good 50-60 feet if not more, way to far for my best lens which would be my trusty 24-105mm L IS USM with it's fastest stop being an f/4. Believe me I was wishing I had a 24-70mm L IS USM 2.8....eventually.... but even with the 24-105 I was able to pull of some pretty great shots, again proving the Canon 6D is a low light killer great for event photography. So far I personally enjoy the 6D, I think it was a great choice for my next step so if you are thinking about upgrading to a full frame camera or maybe even downgrading which some people have from the 5D MKII this is a great choice. Mentioning the 5D MKII in case you did not know the 6D and the 5D MKII have exactly the same processor, the Canon DIGIC 5+ magical processor.

I have added a link below to the DP review which lists all the specs, bells and whistles etc. 

Canon EOS 6D In-Depth Review: Digital Photography Review
Canon EOS 6D key specifications. 20.2MP full frame CMOS sensor; DIGIC 5+ image processor; ISO 100-25600 standard, 50-102800 expanded; 4.5 fps ...


Also here is one of my images from the show in Paris. 1/100 sec  ISO 1000  f/4 at 105mm Raiponce et le Prince AventurierRaiponce et le Prince Aventurier

                                          Raiponce et le Prince Adventurier






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