Kyle Scott Ellis Photography: Blog en-us (C) 2010-2018 Kyle Scott Ellis Photography. All Rights Reserved. (Kyle Scott Ellis Photography) Sun, 23 Oct 2016 15:03:00 GMT Sun, 23 Oct 2016 15:03:00 GMT Kyle Scott Ellis Photography: Blog 120 120 Photo editing with Sleeklens A few weeks ago I was contacted by a company called in regards to testing out one of their photo editing software presets packages. Normally I'm not a big preset kinda guy when it comes to image editing but I thought why not,  plus "Jane" the person who contacted me was really nice and it's not everyday I get someone asking me to test there product! Anyways, after going out the other morning to shoot some new material for this particular project I decided to use the following image. This first image is SOOC. The following image is edited in Lightroom CC.

SOOC image for test purposesSOOC image for test purposes

You can see the the image was mildly under exposed, it was 8:12 in the morning and sunrise that day was at 8:17 on this side of the world. Camera settings were 1/15 sec at f/11 ISO 800. I was shooting with a Canon 6D fitted with my trusty 24-105 mm f/4 L IS. Now this second image below is where it got interesting. Just with one click of the Sleeklens "Through the Woods" landscape photography preset fittingly titled "Dawn Rising" the photo transformed and came to life!


Image with "Dawn Rising" presetImage with "Dawn Rising" presetFrom the image SOOC to this image in just one click with the "Through the Woods" image preset package. The preset I used was "Dawn Rising".

I have to say the results of just one click already advanced the time of edit. Some of us may have even just stayed with this image, really it's pretty good for a preset! But, being the preset already took me this far I spent about another 5 minutes doing some personal adjustments to my taste all in Lightroom CC and here is the final edit.

Dawn RisingDawn RisingImage SOOC followed by Into the Woods "Dawn Rising" preset by and final edit image.

So in under 10 minutes of editing this is what I got. Not bad...not bad at all. There is a wide variety of different all in one preset and brush presets as well. I will take more time to go a little deeper with the  Sleeklens product but already I can say for all you aspiring landscape photographers and advanced photographers alike looking for a little help with your editing or just to speed things up the Sleeklens product could really give you a boost in your image retouching. For more info go to and check out there list of different image editing software packages. You can also use the following links below. and

I added the video link on how to work with Through the Woods workflow bundle:


Thank you very much to Jane and for the opportunity to use your product and I wish you all happy editing.






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My first impressions of Bretagne Couple of weeks ago I finally made my first trip deep into French Brittany otherwise more known as Bretagne. Previously I had been to places such as Le Mont-Saint-Michel, Dinan, Saint-Malo etc. but this time I made it all the way to the furthest point of the wild and exotic corners of the finistère. My wife and I stayed in a chambre d'hote near the plages de Brignogan called La Maison Bleue   where our hosts Kristen and Luc were super cool and I will definitely go back for a visit. From this local you are close to so many sight seeing places that you will need some days to explore. 

For a photographer the landscapes are absolutely sublime. You may not always have the sun on your side but the landscapes make up for it.  I have to also add the people in the region are very warm and receptive. Travelling around Bretagne I found so many different types of landscapes that my finger hardly ever left the shutter button.

Waiting for the TideWaiting for the Tide

Another thing that really impressed me again were the people and the connection they have to there rich culture. One of the places I visited where I learned a bit ( in a pub over a pint...or two) was a commune called Huelgoat. Hearing people speaking in old Celtic tongues was quite interesting, I even learned a few words myself that I will not even attempt to try and spell. The places I have mentioned are just a couple of the places I visited, there is so much to tell that if I continued it would become a short story, one thing for sure is I will be returning more often.

If you are planning an up coming travel in France I highly recommend le Bretagne and if you are interested in having a tour guide I'm totally open to that.




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six months in Man time we are already six months into 2016 and I'm finally taking the time up date the blog ! Bad photographer !!

I've been staying occupied, that's for sure, just haven't taken the time to write. This year photography has been the year of landscapes and dance photography, two subjects both of which I highly enjoy shooting. Back in March I shot the Festival Tribal Addict in Caen,France with

Then in May, Gates to Fusion The Show ! project in Paris, France  And this weekend I will be off to Rouen, France to photograph at the Opera de Rouen for the show, Oz ! by the Académie Temps Danse

As for upcoming journeys to find that next beautiful sunset we'll be heading off to the western tip of France to Brittany. I'm really looking forward to it cause I have not yet had the pleasure to visit and I hear it's absolutely beautiful. So stay tuned and I'll post some travel photos as soon as I return.


A bientot !

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The Road to Strasbourg  So last Friday I took off from Normandy and headed northeast to Strasbourg where I was bound to shoot a wedding the following Saturday. I left from my home around 2:30 p.m. after finishing packing all my gear knowing I had about a seven hour drive in front of me, so after a few hours into the drive I decided to stop for a break. I pulled into a gas station somewhere along the auto route, went in and used the facilities and then decided to grab a snack. I bought some usual gas station junk food, a pre-made sandwich and some Pringles, I am a sucker for salty Pringles.  As I was heading back to my car I began to eat my sandwich, just walking along all happy cool and then snap ! I did not see there was a curb for a handicap ramp, and my foot had slipped right off the back heel edge twisting my ankle as far in as it could possibly go. I was jumping around in the parking lot cursing the sky knowing I had a wedding to shoot tomorrow!

 After hopping back to my car I knew it wasn't good. I knew that my ankle was super sprained. All I could think is how am I going to do it tomorrow ? Plus I still had four hours drive in front of me and I drive a stick shift ! I told myself the show must go on and to Strasbourg I went. After arriving to Strasbourg I got to the flat that was rented for me only to find there was six flights of stairs and no elevator. I had a suitcase, my laptop bag and camera bag. Luckily just as I started to head up a guy was coming down and he could see I was in serious agony and he helped me with my bags all the way to the sixth floor and hung with me making sure I was ok to get into my flat,  was a good sign in regards to the people of Strasbourg. After getting into the flat I found what ice there was in the freezer, put it in a plastic bag and hit the couch. Done.

The next morning I got up around nine, checked my ankle which was purple by now and headed out to find the pharmacy. I got an elastic bandage and some ibuprofen and then went for breakfast. After getting back to the flat climbing all six flights of stairs again like a 90 year old man, I got all my gear prepped, wrapped up my ankle, downed some ibuprofen and went to shoot a wedding. It was scheduled to be a full day wedding and it was just that. From the city hall ( la Marie), to the cocktail gathering (vin de honeur) the couples shoot then to the restaurant for a full soireé,  but I made it. I got to say I feel my images suffered a bit, missed some key stuff cause I was hobbled. I was unable to move fast and or get into positions that I normally would to get that cool angle but the main thing is is that I got the job done.

 Honorable mention to the city of Strasbourg ! What a beautiful city full of nice people ! I spent the Sunday limping around the wonderful world renowned Christmas market (Marché de Noél) and then searching out some street art done by my artist buddy Ender. Then yes... the inevitable came...the drive back home.

I spite of it all it was a real rock and roll weekend.

Until next time...

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Seasons Change Seasons change, and with the changing of the seasons photography changes for me as well.

I'm going to express myself in this blog in a personal way, frankly I have nothing to hide. This year photographically hasn't been the biggest of years for me. I learned a lot, advanced my skills but work wise it was slow. I was often asking myself wether I was on the right path artistically and my choice of going into the realms of wedding photography was right for me. I think this is a question all photographers/artists pose to themselves at one point or another. I think one of the most frustrating parts for me personally is communication and as a photographer it is a crucial skill to have.  Honestly, I am not much of a phone guy especially because speaking french on the phone is still a bit challenging, I prefer face to face. 

In the beginning of my career I was shooting everything, and it was fun, and about a year ago I lost connection with that side and began to think business. I began to reduce content on my site taking down all my landscape images, street images and architectural images in fear of content confusion with visitors or potential clients. Once I did this I shot less of those three subjects to focus on where the money was at, and well, I had seriously felt my passion dwindle.

So, today I got up early as usual except today I grabbed my camera bag and trusty tri-pod and headed out the front door into the foggy cold. I drove all through the country side around my home exploring new places and lost villages searching for whatever caught my eyes and you know what? It felt great! That's what I was missing. Exploration. Adventure. The sense of hunting with my camera. Now, from today I have decide to not worry so much anymore about what type of content I put on my site, after all it is my site and can share what I want. Once we lose our passion for what we do and we begin to put pressure on ourselves to conform in some sort of way it's mentally draining. In my opinion shoot what makes you happy, share what you want, and don't worry about content confusion. So, you can look forward to some new creative works from me coming your way. I am glad the season has changed.



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Amour dans le sud de la France  Last weekend I traveled to the south of France for the first time since I have lived here. Yeah I know it's crazy, I have lived here for three years and never been to the south! I have been to the south east of France several times and all over Italy and even Corsica but the south south of France had never called my name until now.

I traveled there mainly because I was given the opportunity of photographing the wedding of Romain and Aurore, and at the same time my wife and I decided to take advantage of the voyage and spend a couple extra days with a cousin of hers whose husband just happened to be having a fortieth birthday was going to be a long weekend. Between the marriage I was about to archive in images and the natural beauty of the south of France I though the title "Amour dans le sud de la France" was quite fitting.

We arrived Friday night after a ten hour drive from our home in Normandy to our hotel for the night. We were greeted, given a slice of pizza...yes pizza, a salad and a half of bottle of wine and not much time to even taste it because we were late and the server wanted to call it a day.

After a a not so bad nights sleep it was go time. First we had to change hotels which was cool with me because the next place was beautiful inside and out. After getting settled into the room it was time to go into photog mode and start double checking all of the gear.

Number one rule always double check all your batteries, no batteries no clicky clicky. Test fire your cameras and your flashes, check to see if your transceivers are all working if you are using more than one off camera flash and make sure your lenses are all clean and dust free. Check all your memory cards, make sure they are all empty and format them correctly in the cameras you will be using etc. Pack your bags, check everything off the list and you are good to go!

 It turned out to be a great day, super long but great. It was a beautiful wedding full of love and laughter and the bride and groom were excellent to work with. Here is one of my favorite images from the newlywed shoot. Congrats you too!


 Just  to add a little bit more about the south of France. Honestly between the natural beauty, the forests, the sun and the positive energy of it's inhabitants the south is sweet. Just seeing the fields of red poppies in the mountain ranges was magic...voila!


 Looking forward to my next visit to the sud de la France.





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Phishing for Photographers Over the last couple of weeks I have had quite the ordeal with a phishing attack. This blog is both to inform you on the methods used by the attacker and also to inform you that if you are contacted by someone with an email address other than or it's not me.


It all started back on February 10th where I was contacted by a possible client. I will use only the first name of the person which is "John" because the full name used in our communications is in fact a real person and I do not want to smear his name any more than it already has been. John found me originally through another web site where I advertise my services, he contacted me writing in English and presenting himself as a high level business man who worked for a very respectful investment firm in London.


John proceeded to explain in his initial email that he was searching for a photographer and videographer team to cover an event in Paris at the Franklin D Roosevelt hotel and he was pressed for time to locate this team. He wanted to know more details about my work and the cost of the event coverage. Me being the helpful nice guy I quickly responded to John and assured him that I would be happy to assist him with his project and sent him links to my work as well. I also informed him that I myself do not personally offer video services but I would be happy to direct him to a colleague that could assist him with this part of the project.


On our next communication which was quite rapid John directly began to talk only about money and how his "team" was going to pay me. At this time I was already questioning the credibility of this client so I did a little research. In the Gmail heading there was a profile photo and John had also stated his company's name so first stop was the company web site. After locating the company's web site I navigated to the personnel page and found images of all the employees. There was John, same photo corresponding with the one in the Gmail email I had received. I still felt something was incorrect because of the way John wrote using poor grammatical skills, improper spelling etc. Now, myself am not the best writer in the world, but all this coming from someone who is supposed to be a high level business executive with poor writing skills was another red flag to me. I also thought why would this guy be contacting me direct and not an assistant?


At this time I still continued to work with John but with a little more awareness. John wanted to still know how he could secure the date with me without even discussing more details about the event. I went ahead and prepared the contract and invoice and sent him these documents. I do not do any work without a signed contract and I made this very clear to John that I am not secured for the dates until you sign and return the contract. Instead of him signing the contract like I instructed him to do he responded with that he needed my full name and address which was already on the contract, but I still sent it to him again just to be platonic. I did this because he stated he was pressed for time preparing for a business meeting in Athens Greece on the weekend and that he wanted to send me a check before he left. Alright whatever.


So a couple days later there it is. John had sent me a check that actually came from Athens Greece when he stated he wanted to send the check before he left on his business meeting so the check should have come from London. He sent the check priority mail so I would have to sign for it, this way he would be able to track the check. After opening the check I was surprised to find that the check was over payed by one thousand euros. What??? Immediate red flag. The check which originated from Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, also the first appearance of the check seemed completely false. So, I googled Deutsche bank which is very real, went into images and scrolled through until I found a matching copy of the check. Bingo! There it is! I went into the expanded view of the site and yes I was right all along. SCAM! A known false check! Immediately I contacted the company in London direct and sure enough it was not the first time. I was informed this has happened to two other photographers where someone was using the likeness of one of there executives running this same scam. Afterwords I contacted the site that I advertise on to inform them that they have a scam artist registered in there site. They promptly took action and blocked his account and thanked me for my vigilance. I also contacted the video team I had recommended and sure enough, same thing.


At this point you are probably wondering how are they able to make a financial gain? That is the goal right? Here's how it works. Remember how they over payed me by one thousand euros? Also remember how they sent the check via priority mail so they could track it? Well after John had seen I signed for the check the next email arrived. He stated "I am sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause you but I was pressed for time and was only able to send one check overpaying you so you could work with the event planner. The event planner is based in Athens Greece so could you please send the difference of the money we over payed you and communicate with her".  Also remember how the check is from Frankfurt and myself I live in France so it's considered a foreign check witch could take weeks to clear. If I was to send a check to the "event planner" to return the difference I was over payed by the time my check cleared and they had money there check would come back as a false check and me I am up a dry creek with extra fees and charges to pay. Below is a scan of the false check.

The False CheckThis is the check I received from the false client.

I hope I wrote this clear enough for you to follow, it was all pretty confusing for me too. It was my first time experiencing a fraud case on such a high level. These guys were not rookies. They spent a lot of time and effort and even some of there own money to try and take advantage of honest people. And "John" if you are reading this I hope karma takes a big bite out of you.  


Be careful my fellow photographers. Always do your pre research on every client. Verify who they are. Sorry to the possible clients out there but in the world we live in today please understand that it's nothing personal. We must protect each other.




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Better Late than Never   My eighth grade language teacher always used to tell me "Better Late than Never" when I finally arrived to my zero period class every morning so in fine form and staying true to myself I wish you a belated Happy New Year! (not that I am late all the time). So far the start for me personally has not been that bad. The world has experienced some unfortunate events that deserve to be mentioned, noteably the "Charlie Hebdo" attacks because those are close to home for me. I just hope that we as a whole can recover and move forward.  Back to a brighter note my wife and I ushered in the new year in the Rhone-Alpes with a Raclette dinner, one of my favorite french cuisines at a nice little restaurant in Annecy, if you are ever there look up a restaurant called "Le Freti" Restaurant le Fréti à Annecy it is absolutely delicious and reasonably priced but I warn you, don't wear your tight jeans. 



                                                                            The Rhone-Alpes, Manigod


After returning from the winter break it was back to work as usual. I have like fifty million things all going on at the same time, ok it's a little exagerated but still there is work to be done. As I looked at the calender for both ongoing and future projects I again thought to myself 2015 is off to a pretty good start and I hope that the momentum continues this way.


The first project that I wrapped up was for one of the three current product photo shoots. This particular one was for a biscuiterie in Corsica, France in the Ile de Rousse.L'Île-Rousse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe client to whom I visited in December wanted a bunch of images to create a catalog of about 25 of his products to be exact. Imagine, there I am on the plane with 25 packages of biscuits returning home. It was a fun little project to do. The lighting set up was a bit challenging due to the clear plastic packaging with a distinctive white laced print on the head of the packaging. In order to get all the aspects of detail between both the packaging and the product inside took a minute. I will add  photos of my lighting set up soon! Overall the client was happy with the results and that's what matters. 


After finishing up the "biscuit project" I started in on another project for a company called Solidur. Solidur : Fabricant de chaussures de sécurité - Sommaire They're a clothing and apparel company based in Bretagne, France specializing in security equipment for loggers and other dirty jobs. This particular project is equipment for "les Bucherons", tree workers and foresters.


I started of by photographing some pairs of shoes and boots they sent me. Again I had a good time setting the lights and getting the poses just right. There are about twenty overall pieces to shoot including pants, jackets, gloves and other fun stuff. The rest will be completed at the end of the month when I have someone to model the outfits me.


Next on the list and now completed was the Festival BellyFusions 2015 in Paris BellyFusions Festival: Home on the 16th through the 18th. This was super fun. I love to shoot live shows especially dance.


It's a great organization revolving all around fusion dance. The show I photographed was in a little theater in the 20th arrondisment in Paris called Théâtre de Ménilmontant. It was a big challenge to do also. Very low light and a small stage which meant one thing switching between my 50mm 1.8 or the 24-105 f4 lens with the aperture wide open and the ISO cranked from 1600 to 2000!! Shutter speed had to stay around 1/125th or everything would be a blurry mess! I wish I could show you some images right now but I am under contract and currently not allowed to post anything until all selections are finalized. I will put up a gallery just as soon as that is completed!


And last for the month but not least we are off to Cologne, Germany this weekend to shoot another tribal induced dance show organized by our wonderful friend Apsara along with hagalla / das Tribal-Fusion-Belly-Dance Webmagazin and also the ladies from "The Urban Belly Dance Collective" in Paris International Urban Bellydance Collective | Dance Danse ...


Well there it is. January in a nutshell.


I wish you all the best for 2015. May we all realize our goals for the year.



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My Canon 6D   About a month ago I finally invested into a full frame camera. After many weeks of watching product reviews and reading equipment forums I decided to go with the now two year old (since it's date of release) but still top in the market of entry level full frame cameras the  Canon 6D. I have been shooting with the Canon 60D for the last three and a half years along the way buying items like lenses and lighting equipment rather than jumping in head first not knowing how to fully use a higher level camera. For me I think it was the smart choice, the Canon 6D is very similar to the 60D in functionality but man does it have more firing power.


My first real field test was a couple weeks ago when I did an expo in Paris. The expo was the "Salon de Mariage", the biggest wedding event in Paris for vendors every year. Being the Canon 6D has built in Wi-fi capabilities I decide to put it to the test. For the expo I brought my laptop along with a 27" monitor. I set up the Canon EOS system and synced it with lightroom. Man was it cool. You should have seen the look on the peoples faces when they could see themselves within 30 seconds or less and then me doing a quick post production right in front of them. No one else in the expo was doing this. Plenty of other photography businesses there with no photographer on site, just books and prints hanging on the walls. We were all live! I was really happy with the performance of the 6D. The only downfall when using the built in Wi-fi is the battery life. I highly recommend bringing lots of extra batteries when shooting in Wi-fi mode. I think the battery life duration was about 3 hours max, not bad I guess but definitely something you want to be prepared for. Also I learned that the Canon 6D does not like aftermarket batteries. I tried to use one of my Wasabie power LP-E6 knock off batteries and the 6D asked me "are you sure you want to use this battery"? I opted for no, did not want to take the risk. I recommend using only the Canon version LP-E6 batteries.


Another great thing that I found about the Canon 6D is the spec that the manufactures boasted about, it's low light capabilities. Last week I shot a theater show in Paris. As we all know theaters are quite dark and plus I was sitting alllllll the way in the back row and I am talking far back row, a good 50-60 feet if not more, way to far for my best lens which would be my trusty 24-105mm L IS USM with it's fastest stop being an f/4. Believe me I was wishing I had a 24-70mm L IS USM 2.8....eventually.... but even with the 24-105 I was able to pull of some pretty great shots, again proving the Canon 6D is a low light killer great for event photography. So far I personally enjoy the 6D, I think it was a great choice for my next step so if you are thinking about upgrading to a full frame camera or maybe even downgrading which some people have from the 5D MKII this is a great choice. Mentioning the 5D MKII in case you did not know the 6D and the 5D MKII have exactly the same processor, the Canon DIGIC 5+ magical processor.

I have added a link below to the DP review which lists all the specs, bells and whistles etc. 

Canon EOS 6D In-Depth Review: Digital Photography Review
Canon EOS 6D key specifications. 20.2MP full frame CMOS sensor; DIGIC 5+ image processor; ISO 100-25600 standard, 50-102800 expanded; 4.5 fps ...


Also here is one of my images from the show in Paris. 1/100 sec  ISO 1000  f/4 at 105mm Raiponce et le Prince AventurierRaiponce et le Prince Aventurier

                                          Raiponce et le Prince Adventurier





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Paris climate change march 2014 After exiting at the metro station République I made my way to where one of the supposed largest marches on climate change was going to take place. I had been to some other rallies in the past in Place de la République but this one was supposed to be the largest in a long time. The organization named to whom which I support was on the front line leading the way calling for 25,000 people to attend. First impression it did not seem to be as grand as perceived number wise,  but there was definitely an energy in the air. The sound of beating drums and the shouts of protesters rocked the environment.

I began to wander around  to get my bearings and put myself in photo mode. My plan was more to cover the event, to work on my photojournalistic skills but more so I found myself getting sucked into the ensuing parade protesting with the others in direction of l'Hotel de Ville, the main city hall of Paris or better know as la Mairie de Paris. As we snaked through the streets of Paris the crowds grew denser by the minute, soon to be shoulder to shoulder creating what seemed to be an unstoppable force. As I moved my way to the sidewalk I stood there and watched and admired this moment I was being a part of. It brought me joy to see that there were so many other conscious people in Paris.

After completing the trip to l'Hotel de Ville the gathering continued, the short speeches took place followed by a musical performance with messages of peace, environmental awareness and of course climate change. I hope that this sets our political powers into a positive motion to begin the long journey of restoring our planet to a healthier place. If we all just thought about it a little more, drove our cars a little less, road our bikes more, stopped using plastic grocery bags and bringing our reusable bags when shopping it could be a beginning. Those are just a few small examples, I realize we have a long way to go...Now, after all this I did end up managing to stay semi focused on my goal, to tell a short story with with some images.








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I've seen the light. Ok, I think we have all experienced this at least one time in our photographic lives. Have you ever gone to a concert and tried to photograph the show? It was not so easy was it. Even with the power of today's digital cameras it still proves to be very challenging! There are so many factors that come into play when photographing a live show, especially when it is under Hot and Cold Stage Lights.


Besides learning to be able to adapt to the movement of the subjects, setting shutter speed and aperture, we have to compensate for the amount of light and the temperature of light we have to work with. This is a huge factor in photographing a live event like a concert. Remember the first time you saw all those red, blue and white lights? I was not sure if that was me or my camera screaming! Ever since day one of getting my first DSLR I have been in manual mode only and shooting RAW. Even down to my Kelvin temperature I was guessing the setting for the white balance by choosing my Kelvin degree. We all know that the lighting on a stage is ever changing and fixing ourselves into say 5000 Kelvin or 4000 Kelvin can be delicate with all the light differences.


So the other day when I was watching a workshop on B&H photo B&H Photo Video Digital Cameras, Photography, Camcorders the instructor reminded me about auto white balance. It's not that I forgot it was there, it's just I have become so... I don't know...maybe....a person against using anything automatic on my camera because it would make me less of a photographer? Possibly that was the case.


The instructor in this video reminded and encouraged me at the same time that it is cool to use what we have function wise in our cameras because it's all about the end result, getting that shot. So the other day I shot a show in a club in Paris where all of the factors that I have mentioned were prevalent and I decided to try shooting on auto white balance. I did all my other settings as I normally would except for I pushed my ISO a little higher than I normally would because it was quite dark in the club and it's better to get some grainy photos rather than no photos. You are probably wondering what gear I was using too and I am not afraid to say that I was shooting on my crop sensor 60d with a 24-105 L IS USM which is an f4. So my ISO pushed between 800-1000 and wide open on the aperture, shutter speed between 50-125 and yes auto white balance.


I have to say I could see the difference in the results once I went to post process. My color balance was so much better that my edit time reduced substantially and I believe it was all because of the auto white balance. I think the moral of the story here is to not be scared to use all available resources that we have in order to just get the shot and don't be afraid to let the camera do a little work for you. Give it a try next time and tell me what you think. Here's a pic from the show.                                                               Ghost of the Robot in Paris




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National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 My Entries - Traveler Photo Contest 2014 - National Geographic via National Geographic Travel


Friends and fellow photogs,


  I did it, I put in an entry for the 2014 Nat Geo Travelers photo contest. I figured why not, only 16,000 plus other photographers put in entries the odds are pretty good right? I honestly don't feel it is one of my strongest photos, but because of the background story which you will find in a previous blog, I felt it deserved a shot, and also the photo requirements state only minimal retouching and the chosen image meets their standards. Wish me luck!


                                                            Chateau Gaillard, Les Andelys

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Don't take your eyes off the camera. Ever!  Yesterday to clear my head I decided to go out and shoot some landscape. Was a beautiful evening after a torrent of a storm this afternoon. I was high up on a cliff overlooking the river Seine and Chateau Gaillard. Had my camera up on my tri-pod, my trusty super sturdy heavy Manfrotto. I turned around for a moment taking my eyes off of my equipment and just in that moment a big wind came. I heard a crack, turned around, and their was my camera down in the dirt. The whole rig had gone down. My camera is slightly functional but killed my 24-105mm L. The lesson I learned from this was an expensive one but hey all life lessons can be expensive in one way or another. WTHS_055WTHS_055

On the brighter side here is the last photo it took.

(Kyle Scott Ellis Photography) Damage Equipment Tue, 08 Apr 2014 11:41:32 GMT
Stock photography      For the last few days I have been rethinking my strategy. I question myself as all of us photographers do in how do I get my work out there. We have tons of social media outlets, groups, forums and then there is the big guys like Getty Images and the not so big like Cavan Images which I know takes the images that they purchase and peddle them too Getty for a profit but within these cash cows of picturesque glory there may be a buck to be made for us little guys. Yes I know, this hurts the industry. I have read it a thousand times and I am in complete agreement with this scenario. I sucks the art, the creativity, the life right out of someone with a real vision and dumbs down the industry. Alright I don't mean to sound as though those photos being submitted to the stock agency's are not creative it just brings down the value of our work wouldn't you agree?


   What are we supposed to do is the question? For me it has always been a dream and a goal to make a living at something I am passionate about. I was once a musician playing guitar in a rock n roll band and doing gigs and with music it's the same deal. How do we get noticed? Is it really even about getting noticed? Well, yes it is. We are in the business of visual stimuli. Without being noticed we don't sell anything hence we can not make that living that our passions would like us too. I guess for now I will stick to my guns and continue to hold the copyrights to my photos  not selling out to the big guy with hope that someday in the very near future I and we are able to make those dreams come true. Let's go 2014!


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